“Songstress gives it her all, whatever the stage.”
— John Barry, music writer - Poughkeepsie Journal

Cathy Young has been performing throughout the mid Hudson Valley as a solo acoustic act since 1997. Over the past decade, she has appeared on several local TV and radio shows, and donated her time to play at many benefit concerts. She has earned a well-deserved reputation as a talented songwriter, as well as for singing her heart out to her audiences, both big and small.

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While life has led Cathy in a variety of directions, music has always been at its core. She began singing in the church choir, and writing and performing original songs in high school. Cathy played for four years in the Christian rock & worship band, Manna, which performed throughout New England. After leaving the band and going solo, she also began teaching piano & guitar.

While Cathy has a large repertoire of cover tunes, the singer/songwriter is best known for her original songs. When she asks the audience for requests, it is just as likely that she will be asked to play "something original" as it is for her to play a cover tune. Each of Cathy's songs is unique and memorable; everyone who hears her play walks away with their own favorite. She has the unique ability to weave a tale from her own personal experiences into a song - and have her listeners come away feeling as if she has spoken to them personally. Her music has an underlying current of spirituality and hope, but with a down to earth quality, born out of learning to be patient and persistent while overcoming hardship. Her songs float somewhere between acoustic rock, pop, and country, but with a style that's "refreshing and all her own." — Rod Ames, music writer, Texas

Cathy released her debut CD, Days Like These, in 2003. Wrote John Barry of the Poughkeepsie Journal, "Days Like These offers songs that could easily be climbing their way up the charts." She co-produced the 12 original tracks with the multi-talented Scott Petito, who plays extensively throughout the CD and has worked with James & Livingston Taylor, Rick Danko, and many others. Her CD is a mirror of her own experiences, and features a collection of songs about love, life, and hope in the face of adversity.

From the fast-tempo first track, "Mission," to the jazz-infused piano tune, "Into the Wilderness," " is the story behind each song that keeps the listener intrigued" — Annie Reuter, music writer. "Bethany"s Garden" is a haunting tale of longing and a woman's quest, only to find that her goal was not exactly what she had envisioned. "The Wire" is a story about leaving your comfort zone and overcoming fear ("...don't look down," the listener is warned.) "Be Still and Know" is a gentle lullaby of a ballad about unconditional love. And the title track, "Days Like These," is the story of celebrating and appreciating a beautiful day – because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring.